Chiang Mai

by Jmish

Its Bangkok but smaller and less smelly, so way better! We arrived by plane a little after dark and made the taxi driver take us to this small road called Soi 7 where all the hostels are located within the walls of the old town.


The first night was spent walking and making bad decisions to eat Americanized food, although a hamburger would be nice I can say if you’re ever here, don’t do it it’s not worth it. Except for maybe McDonald’s, that’s the same in every country.

Red Curry.

Banana Shakes
The next day was spent crusin’ around on bikes, learning how to deal with traffic, exploring markets, and a few of the hundreds of temples that reside inside the town walls.


They have this exceptional market on the weekends where the locals buy and sell their goods. It’s a little touristy but still used a lot by those who live in the city. The high light was this lady on the corner making Pad Thai. If you are thinking oh yum Pad Thai that sounds good, let’s get some … I recommend you don’t! In fact I recommend never eating Pad Thai in the states again. This lady was so good everyone but me got two. Later I will be able to post a video.


After filling our stomachs we headed back to the hostel and hung for a bit then Brad, Bud, and myself went next door to our hostel and got 1hr full body Thai Massages for… Wait for it…. Only $5 ! Bobby, Jose, and Joe passed the time by going to a bar just down the street where they met this crazy bartender, Ek, who is also a tattoo artist by day. we spent the rest of the night talking to all the backpackers that came through, it was really fun.

Joe’s seafood papaya salad

The second day in Chiang Mai we fell for a tourist trap. Our taxie driver the first night told us for 1000tb each he would drive us around town wherever we wanted to go… But it turned out there was a complex to a waterfall and tigers and elephants and he really would only take us there. We were already in the car so we decided to go see the tigers. I got to play with some cubs, they were cute but it was more depressing than anything. So we learned our lesson and just asked to be taken back to our hostel. We faked sick, even though it wasn’t far from the truth after the previous evening.


The rest of the day was spent just hanging out and eating and buying beers to drink in front of the hostel where joe, bobby, and myself spent hours talking to this couple from England.

Cold Ramen


going around Chiang Mai

Our last day in Chaing Mai we got up ate ramen grabbed coffee, repacked after getting our laundry and waited for our VIP bus to come pick us up! And by VIP bus it was a glorified van that they packed with people. It was uncomfortable and drove all night to drop us off at the Laos border. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the guy was going 155kh up and down these winding mountain roads with stops at 711s every few hrs, yes 711s are more prevalent than a Starbucks in the states and carry weird items such as seaweed flavor chips. Anyway, we made it to Laos in one piece and I’ll leave the rest for another day.

I’ll leave you with this funny picture of Bobby at one of our 711 stops.